Ex - Hire Bike For Sale


Excellent value, quality Ex -Hire Bikes that have been meticulously cared for during their time with us.

Dawes Galaxy Cross - A tourer with 24 gears, double walled rims, rear pannier rack and flat bars for comfort.  These bikes new retail at £599.99 and we are selling our stock with a 3 month warranty for £299.99

Dawes Super Galaxy - A classic tourer with prestige! A double butted Reynolds 631 frame with Shimano running gear, mudguards, pannier racks and 30 gears at your disposal.  This truly is a globe trotting machine! RRP new £1500, our price £850

Dawes Mojave - This is known as a treking bike, it's sturdy and will travel any distance, with a comfortable saddle, wider tyres and v brakes. The bike is honest and dependable. This is no racing snake style bike, its a comfortable workhorse!  RRP new £450, our price £350. These bikes have had light use and are in great condition!

Dawes Discovery 201 - A hybrid with style for town riding and strength for longer distance day tripping.  These bikes will go on well made trails as well as longer distance road rides.  The bikes will take a pannier rack and carry the weight with ease.  RRP new £350, our price £250


Childs Bikes - Phantom 24' wheels & Rocket 18' wheels

These bikes are geared and great fun! We are asking just £50 per bike! Grab yourselves a bargain!!